Siren Marine Announces Partnership with Hilb Group New England

March 18, 2019

Connected Boat® leader Siren Marine and Marine insurance specialists Hilb Group New England have unveiled a new joint program — HarborGuard+ Siren Marine— designed to create significant costs savings, reduced risk and enhanced peace of mind for fleet operators and other marine businesses across the country.

Hilb Group’s innovative HarborGuard insurance program was specifically tailored to meet the coverage needs of fleet operators, boating schools, sailing clubs and charter boat fleets. Under the terms of the new HarborGuard+ Siren Marine program, Siren Marine will offer its Siren MTC™ (Monitor|Track|Control) device to Hilb Group HarborGuard insurance customers for $250 (versus the national MRP of $599). In addition, Siren Marine will provide these Hilb Group customers with annual global subscription plans at discounted rates of $120 per year (compared to the lowest available retail cost of $180/year), free access to the SirenFleet™ fleet management portal (normally a $2,500/year license fee), and access to Tier 1 fleet support.


In return, Hilb Group will offer its customers up to a $250 credit for each boat insured under its HarborGuard program that is equipped with a Siren MTC system and an active Siren Marine subscription. The insurance credit will be issued annually, for as long as the insurance policy and Siren Marine subscription plan are renewed.

“When you consider the steep discounts Siren Marine is providing and combine them with the insurance credit we are offering our customers, it’s like they are getting the Siren MTC for free,” said Randy Carnahan, EVP for Hilb Group New England. “The ability for customers to monitor and track their vessels will help reduce technical issues, damage and costly downtime, and prevent small problems from becoming large ones. From an insurance company perspective, preventing accidents and claims before they happen is good business for everybody,” added Carnahan.

Carnahan also highlighted the advanced fleet management capabilities of the SirenFleet portal as a key component of this joint program. “A fleet manager can easily look at all of his boats at once, know what is going on with them and place protective geofence alerts around some or all of his boats. Say, for example, there is an issue with bridge clearance for a vessel in the fleet. The fleet operator can be alerted and he can prevent it from passing under that bridge, preventing costly damage and even injury to the crew,” said Carnahan. The same would hold true for situations such as avoiding dangerous shallows or other charted or uncharted navigation hazards.

“We are proud to be working closely with Hilb Group to make the benefits of Connected Boat technology more affordable and accessible to the fleet and charter industry,” said Siren Marine CEO and Founder Daniel Harper. “Much like our Siren Marine team, Hilb’s Marine Group was founded by experienced mariners who understand the boating business and the specific needs of its clientele. They quickly realized the important advantages our technology provides and worked with us to create a customized incentive program that will undoubtedly generate widespread adoption. When two forward-thinking companies work together in this way, great things are going to happen,” added Harper.

To learn more about the HarborGuard+ Siren Marine program, fleet and charter operators, boating schools, clubs and other marine businesses can contact Hilb Group at.  or call Randy Carnahan at 401-336-2182.

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